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These thematic pictures of dathanna agus cruthanna are analogous to a visual dictionary. The theme "dathanna agus cruthanna" splits into several parts. For children, especially toddlers from 1 to 5 years old, it is better to divide the sets of cards over several days, or even weeks, so the information is absorbed better. Especially it is true if you are using flashcards to learn the irish language, which is not your native language.

To expand your irish language vocabulary on the "dathanna agus cruthanna" topic, flashcards games are the best way:

  • make a memory with "dathanna agus cruthanna";
  • assemble a puzzle with dathanna agus cruthanna;
  • make a memory chain or group "" images by color, size, or other attributes.

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Visual dathanna agus cruthanna Flashcards for Toddlers (12 cards in Irish)